Why You Should Shop the Marshalls Clearance Aisle

It's no secret.  I love Marshalls.  I love how they have the price the others pay on the tag next to the Marshalls price that you pay.  It makes you feel like you're in a secret club and everyone else is a sucker for paying full price.  

What I like best is cruising down the forlorn-looking clearance aisle.  It's like a toy land for the mind.  Scuffed photo frames, ugly pillows, scratched furniture...that's where it's at.  I love it because I can get creative with a $5 item and re-create in into something awesome.

So here's a glimpse into my most recent stroll.   First off, this little $9 bowl caught my eye.

If I would have purchased it I would have painted it to resemble one of these:

Ahem.  And now I really regret not getting that.


Moving on.

I know.  The flowers are bad, but rip the flowers out and voila! A stuff holder!  Here's some similar looks:

I always find great picture frames too.  For a couple bucks, you can score a frame or sometimes a frame with a mat for $5 or less.  A couple scuffs don't bother me because I usually end up spray painting them anyway.

I also spied a set of bookends.  They were a nice, heavy weight.  

They reminded me of these (at PB Teen and no longer available):

I saw this and thought it would make a very cool umbrella stand.  That is, if I used umbrella stands.  I like to think of myself as the kind of person who would, but in reality I shove my umbrella under my seat or in the trunk.  

For those of you out there who do use umbrella stands, here's some inspiration:

Here's some other winners:

Here's a tip for those mismatched or pillows that aren't quite your style.  

These were both high quality down-filled pillow inserts for $10.  The covers zip off so you could easily purchase the pillows in order to use the inserts and still come out ahead.  

But we all know that there's some things in the clearance aisle that just doesn't have hope.  Why are they even there?

Hey that's cool.  I couple spend $7 on a worthless, torn basket or I could spend $7 on a basket that actually, you know, holds stuff.  

I racked my brain on this one, guys.  First off, I have no idea what this is and second, I can think of no discernible use for this.  A vase for dandelions? A frustrating paper clip holder?

Look! A broken wicker sailboat!  If you rip off the sail, it's a broken wicker submarine!  Any takers?

Thanks for joining me in the clearance aisle.  Just save some of the down inserts for me, ok?



  1. when we move, can you just come decorate my house? I don't have any ideas....