Garage Sale Extravaganza

Every year, my family hits the Dubuque, IA citywide garage sales.  One never knows what they'll's the thrill of the hunt.  This year, my big find was collapsible sawhorses for $6!  I will get so much use out of those bad boys.

Sadly, as with every weekend of rummaging, there's some items that get left behind.  This year, it was this dresser.  It was so heavy...totally thought this would be great to integrate into an entertainment center, but Greg said no more large, heavy pieces of furniture.  Alas, he is right. In retrospect, I should have just paid them for the hardware and left the dresser...

Great hair.

In case anyone needs a refresher course....

Vintage barometer: stop looking out those pesky windows to check the weather!

There's just no words for this one.

Complaints for females?  I wonder if this was just filled with vodka.

I like visiting Dubuque.  It has a great local restaurant scene and a good selection of shops.

Graham's Style Store

Dubuque did not pay me to plug their town.  But maybe they should have...

But seriously, stop what you're doing right now.  Drive there to eat and do some shopping.  Go to Graham's Style Store and get some style on.  Just don't go to the city wide rummage...I don't want to increase my competition.



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