The Weekend and Specialized Forms of Procrastination

This weekend was a nice mix of getting out and doing things as well as hanging and knocking out
some projects at the homefront.  

We went to a lovely Super Why themed birthday on Saturday and all the kiddos there decorated their own letters.  There was glitter glue, puff balls, google eyes, and some brave parents who allowed a huge entourage of children to experiment with a sticky sparkly mess.

I got a couple of projects going this weeekend, including some organizing, painting an old hutch for the girls' play kitchen, and sanding.

This is a before shot. Hopefully that is obvious to all.  

Some of you may say, "Hey, Laura.  That's awesome that you started a couple projects this weekend.  All I did was watch ice melt and eat."  Oh, but that's where I am tricky.  So tricky.  I started these projects just to avoid the much-despised job of stripping and sanding down a set of dining chairs.  But not just any dining chairs....

Eighties chairs.

The stained geometric fabric.  The awful yellow-white wood.  But they are comfortable, good quality and I got them for cheap.  I know that they will be great once I get around to doing them.  That is, once I get around to it.  We have been using them in their current state in our dining room, which is why we're NOT INVITING ANYONE TO DINNER AT OUR HOME FOR A LONG, LONG TIME.

Just kidding.  If you can handle it, you can come.  But really think it over first because I don't want to hear any complaints about the pastel geometric fabric once you've arrived.  




  1. Too funny. I was actually very surprised to not find more glittery fingerprints around here than I did. Pretty amazing. :) thanks for coming.

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