You Can't Rush Art...or Enduring the During

The wallpaper removal process has begun.  I do not envy the poor soul taking the three layers (and possibly 50 years or more) of paper down.  Did I mention that someone along the way also painted on top of the three layers of wallpaper?

We've also had some recessed lighting installed in the kitchen.  I am looking forward to how bright it will be in there.  

I decided to tackle one of the new pendants from Restore that I picked up recently.  I tried rushing the process because I wanted to have one light done before evening.  The screws holding the fixture together were pretty rusted on, so after trying 3 pliers and some WD-40, we were able to get rolling. Here's what I learned: I need a warmer day and more time to do the lights correctly, but I think the first one turned out pretty well.

 You can't rush art.



  1. Wow! I know what it's like to be in the remodeling process. Our home is way over 100 years old and for about 20 years of our life here we were always in constant remodeling!

    It is very much worth all the hard work and getting all the creative juices flowing!

    I can't wait to see it when it's done!

    Be well.


    Judie Koller

    1. Thanks, Judie! It's been such a cool opportunity so far.

  2. Awesome Laura! Blogs are so much work. But Andy and I are enjoying watching the progress. Its fun to see it from the side of "OMGoodness, what did they get themselves into?" You know, we've kinda been there. :)

  3. Whenever you have a rusted in screw or bolt, use liquid wrench and it will come right now! We learned that tip from my grandpa. The house is looking great! I can't wait to see it. :)